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DIVA (Kran Film Collective)

Kran Film Collective


Kran Film receives DIVA grant by the Danish Arts Council. It will be used for a 4 month residency for the New York based Camel Collective in Copenhagen/ Aarhus Denmark 2010. They will among other produce a film. They write…those ambivalent forms of shared warmth—of a coffee between two, a cigarette between strangers, or clandestine nuzzling in a theater—these are the moments of exchange familiar to anyone familiar with revolutionary films from Vertov to Kiarostami. The question that these cinematic gestures will invite are of an ambivalent nature: are the moments of pauses and exchanges—of breath for smoke—a symptom of alienation, an exhibition of powerlessness, or are they moments of detainment from the official custody of documentary realism, and thus from the realism demanded in the discourse of social change and radicalism itself?

Camel Collective