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September 19, 2010. Cinemateket, Copenhagen.

SunDoc: Girls on the Air

September 19, 2010. Cinemateket, Copenhagen.

SunDoc is a screening series of international documentaries followed by a Q&A. For this edition of SunDoc we are showing Girls on the Air. Director Valentina Monti will be present for the screening to talk about her work with the film and answer questions from the audience.
Cinematography by Alessio Valori (A.I.C.)

Time, place and tickets
The screening of Girls on the Air starts at 14:15. It is in Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, Copenhagen. Tickets are 25 DKK.

You can order tickets for SunDoc at Cinemateket on phone +45 3374 3412 or go to the web site of Cinemateket.

About Girls on the Air
Girls On The Air is a documentary that shows an unprecedented face of Afghanistan, a very different country from the stereotype media have contributed to create in Western collective imagination.

Symbol of this diversity and complexity is the very young Afghan journalist, Humaira Habib, founder and editor in chief of Radio Sahar, the first independent community radio station born after the fall of the Taliban regime and entirely run by women, broadcasting from the city of Herat, near the border between Afghanistan and Iran. At the young age of 23, Humaira is the station-manager of Radio Sahar. She constantly trying to change Afghanistan from within by addressing the problems with political unrest, the increasing violence against women, and the suicide attacks.

Girls on the Air is shown with UK subtitles.

Girls on the Air (Italy, 2009, 59 min, DigiBeta)

Director: Valentina Monti



Cinematography Reel

3 Minutes montage of extracts from feature film and documentaries I have worked on.