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Rozenn Nobilet Archive (Kran Film Collective)

Kran Film Collective

IF …

IF… – 1998 – video – Scotland (GB) 5 mn 50

“What if my right hand didn’t know what my left hand is doing.”

This quotation from Bill Viola instantly inspired me . I wanted to make a video 
where I could explore my dyslexia abilities. It’s synchronised on a two screens 
video installation. The video which is presented here is a re – assembled 
version which shows the two screens.


I MOTION Rozenn Nobilet / UK 1995 7′ 

A picture with rhythm. It explores the cinematic mechanism through the body language leading to the circle of life. This succession of frames is close to the portrait art. Within a few minutes, Rozenn Nobilet, takes us to the origins of cinema, the cinematic art. This short movie reminds us the chronophotography of Muybridge and the praxinoscope of Emile Raynaud, the motion capturing devise that enabled the birth of cinema. « I MOTION » can already join the league of experimental cinema as a classic.

« A bang, with Rozenn Nobilet’s film “I Motion.” »

David Finkelstein _Film Threat – September 2005

“I-Motion by Rozenn Nobilet is a rhythmic work that puts in parallel the body and the art forms of cinema.”

Joel S.Bachard_I Beam.net – May 2005