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Yasmina Ben Ari Archive (Kran Film Collective)

Kran Film Collective

With Open Eyes

(70’, color,  2009)

With Open Eyes follows four young female directors all originated from various Middle Eastern countries (Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon) in a moment of their life. The four directors tell us about “their artistic eye”, the society they come from and the changes they work to promote. For the first time these artists will move from behind the camera to give us a piece of their reality, their thoughts, ambitions and fears.

The link between the eyes of these directors, their gaze upon the reality they face and their artistic production is here central. The question of Identity is also at core as close to all four of them have mixed origins and live in between various countries. Placed in a mobile environment or exiled most have studied abroad keeping a strong insight on the world they come from. This mobility gives them a contemporary approach to media and a global perspective to issues they film.

All between 23 and 34 years old, the directors of this film tend to represent in their own way, various aspects of the new generation of female directors in the Middle East. It is not the meaning here to give an analytic insight to female film production in the region. It is set and focused on four portraits, engaged artists and storytellers.