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About (Kran Film Collective)

Kran Film Collective

Archive Open by appointment

Kran Film>> Archive consist of over 100 films from films we like, films we screened or films we individually produced.

The purpose of the archive is for curators and other film lovers to get a insight into films that is socially concerned and engaged with some of the ramifications of global capitalism. We are looking for those films that give us an insight where it might hurt the most, but at the same time aspire us to together change the world.

We also want to promote films that deals with identity politics of race, gender and sexuality. Films that portraiy some of the struggles we live through on a daily basis. And even better we wants to see more films where identities intersects and make us stronger and better humans.

You can send your film to our archive …

Kran Film Collective
Aalststraat 7-11
Suite A3.1
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Or email us for more information and appointments