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SARAH VANAGT winner of the courtisane film festival (Kran Film Collective)

Kran Film Collective

SARAH VANAGT winner of the courtisane film festival

Winner of the 2011 competition at the


MONA, film stillThe 10th edition of the Courtisane Festival for film, video and media art closed on Sunday 3rd April 2011. At the award ceremony, the festival jury − Marina Kozul (HR, organiser/curator), Adam Pugh (UK, curator/writer/organiser) and Vincent Meessen (BE, visual artist/curator) − announced the Belgian and international winners. The prize for the best Belgian work was awarded to Brussels based filmmaker/visual artist Sarah Vanagt (°1976) for her latest video, The Corridor (2010). It’s the second time Sarah Vanagt is a Courtisane Festival laureate, in 2007 she won the Belgian competition with First Elections.

“We appreciated the film’s proposal to re-evaluate the relationship between humans and animals on a political level…In doing so, it questions notions of domesticity and humanity, bestiality and consciousness…”, stated the jury on the film.

Courtisane Film Festival, Gent, Belgium